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WHYY Showcase, Piffaro, Vespers

Just interviewed yesterday by the delightful and knowledgeable Ed Cunningham at WHYY 90.9 FM in Philadelphia for Showcase, which airs Sundays at 8pm. Joan Kimball and Bob Wiemken of Piffaro, The Renaissance Band brought me along and we talked mostly about Vespers, which I composed for them and for The Crossing, the excellent choir directed by Donald Nally. Joan and Bob were erudite and warm as usual, and Ed is a pro’s pro as an interviewer. It was fun. Our show airs on Sunday, June 1st, and I believe they’ll be broadcasting the entire Vespers, from the 6 Jan 2008 concert. I’ve since added another section, and continue to make edits, but it’ll be fun to hear an airing of the live concert. The YouTube excerpts are from this concert, the second of two that weekend.

Here are reviews that Vespers received, from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Chestnut Hill Local, and the online Broad Street Review.

All these posts, by the way, used to be separate paragraphs on one long post. I guess that was the quick & dirty way, but I’ve since changed the format from one ever-growing and ever-changing post to individual posts on various subjects as they come up. Seems to be the way I should’ve been doing it from the get-go, and what people are used to. On blogs. Well, I thought it would be simpler the first way, but a lot of things have been happening since Vespers, so I decided to get with the program. I made all the changes at once, and put them in the order of when the news came up or as I edited them.

The Current Calendar that used to be at the bottom of the Home page is now its own separate page, which I augment with information about performances or activities as I learn of them.

New show on WRTI-HD2

I’ll have a new show on WRTI, on the HD2 side, all contemporary American music, calling it Now is the Time, Sunday nights at 10, planning to get it on air the first Sunday in June, so much terrific stuff out there, having a blast getting these shows together, stay tuned; don’t worry about not having an HD2 radio yet, as all of WRTI, HD1 (the original, what you get on a normal radio) and HD2, is simul-stream-a-thingy-cast, just go here and click on one of the Classical streams and there you go…

Two new hymns

A recent hymn, O Lord, Our Lord, Your Excellent Name, my versification and setting of Psalm 8, has been selected for publication in the next Lutheran Forum, summer of 2008

speaking of hymns, we just sang on Pentecost Sunday the newest collaboration with Rev. Michael Tavella, O Helper Spirit, You Are Here; this one is more chant-inspired, I believe, than my other hymns, the springboard being the words that end each verse: O Veni Sancte Spiritus;

here’s a look:icon_pdf.gif

and here’s a listen: Play button

New works for cello and piano

Following up on our very successful project with David Kim, Paul Jones has asked me and other colleagues for some New Works for cello and piano this time, for Anne Martindale Williams, Principal Cello of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra; as with the violin/piano American Spirituals, I’m looking at hymns and spirituals; will have them completed late summer…

[Update: CD and sheet music published by Paul Jones Music in the collection Sacred Music for Cello.]