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BarbequeThe Major Orchestra Librarians Association asked me to come to their annual conference last weekend to speak about the Fleisher Collection, and I did, and had a freundlich time. Couldn’t stay for the entire conference, but heard the Nashville Symphony in the gorgeous and beautifully sounding Schermerhorn Hall. Ate barbeque with folks old and new to me, including Andy Shreeves from ASCAP, whom I’d known only from form letters telling me nicely that I’d forgotten some vital information on a title registration. He was gracious as could be and assured me that I was not the only forgetful ASCAP member. I was pleased to tell him I had figured out online registration, and he seemed sincerely pleased.

Andy and I and Barbara Peterson from BMI and Alyce Mott from the industrious Victor Herbert website took a walk after dinner on a pedestrian bridge and waved at guys on a coal barge. The guys had waved first, everyone going out of their way in Nashville to be polite.

As another for instance, at Jack’s Bar-B-Que, which my airport shuttle driver had recommended, in line after ordering and waiting at the register, I noticed green beans on the plate instead of the cole slaw I’d asked for (siding a combo of pork shoulder, ribs, and beef brisket, with baked beans). I really wanted cole slaw. In addition to the fact that cole slaw and baked beans are infallible indicators of a restaurant’s worth (Alyce agrees), I really wanted cole slaw.

I wondered aloud to the server if, oh, I might have cole slaw instead, when the man at the register noticed and said in the tone of a man who was more than a register man but perhaps owner or at least maître d’, “Just get a cup and put some cole slaw on there for him.” I said that I’m sure I was unclear about the beans when I ordered and I’d be happy to pay for all three sides but the register/owner/maître said, and this is an exact quote, because I practiced it over so I wouldn’t forget, “Here at Jack’s we don’t look to the past.”

“Here at Jack’s we don’t look to the past. No sir, we’re just always lookin’ ahead, you know what I mean?”

And I knew what he meant.

They’re on Broadway near 4th and whatever you do, get there early.

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