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Got the new show off the ground Sunday night, all contemporary American music, and I opened with Wendy Mae Chambers. Have to love a work titled Symphony of the Universe for the first show, and I played the “Cosmos” movement. Quite lovely. Then stayed with others of hers.

It’s certainly different—taping a show all by your lonesome (they still call it taping, at least that’s what I’ve observed, even though there’s no tape, so like the ’roo in her pocket I’ll say, “Me, too!”)—different from the Fleisher Discoveries show, which is a great experience working with Jack, who is smooth as silk, and Joe, our production engineer, both of whom are professional and supportive as can be. This one’s just me. Having fun with it, and even put together theme music, which doesn’t come in until a couple shows down the road. I don’t have an HD2 radio yet, so I listen in online.

WRTI is expanding into HD2 with local programs to complement the nationally syndicated ones. Bob Craig, e.g., who is fantastic no matter what he does, and his new HD2 jazz vocal show Sunday afternoons is mighty grand. Discoveries and Jill Pasternak’s Crossover have already been running encore shows weekly on HD2, so WRTI is really pushing ahead.

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