Contemporary music for guitar

WRTI’s e-newsletter just came out, and my second CD review is in there. Excellent playing from Cem Duruöz. You can read all my CD reviews here.

Kile Smith recommends…
Contemporary Music for Guitar
Cem Duruöz. Centaur 2563

The Turkish-born guitarist Cem (pronounced “Gem”) Duruöz concertizes on four continents, and his wide-ranging career mixes tango with French baroque, electronics, jazz, and the popular Rodrigo concerto. The music on this CD comes from a mostly contemplative vein, and is a fine introduction to playing of exquisite color and passion.

The most recognizable composer’s name is William Walton, whose Five Bagatelles include a delicious “Alla Cubana” and melting “Sempre Espressivo.” Styles roam from the appealing mood-setting of David Hahn to the classic taped accompaniment of Mario Davidovsky’s Synchronisms, from Nicky Hind’s ambient washes of soft clusters to a delightful Prelude by the Rumanian-Turkish composer Bujor Hoinic. Duruöz plays with a tonal control that will gladden the heart of any guitar aficionado.


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