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Start recording Vespers tomorrow, with Piffaro and The Crossing. Time to go over the checklist from the last couple of months since the premiere:

  1. Compose new instrumental piece, Nun danket all und bringet Ehr, to insert before Deo gratias
  2. Why not make it a triple canon, you’ve got time
  3. Copy, paste, and transpose: this is why computers were invented
  4. Copy, paste, and transpose approximately 538 bazillion times before it sounds right
  5. Triple canon, what was I thinking
  6. Edit Psalm 27
  7. Think again
  8. Add barlines and time signatures to Psalm 27 and forget the it’s-chant-how-hard-could-it-be attitude; stop making the choir use their fingers to find where they are
  9. Transpose Psalm 27 down a step; stop making the choir fidget, there’s a lot of singing after this
  10. Rewrite one-third of Psalm 27
  11. Now edit Psalm 27
  12. Change something in the 2-sackbut verse of Vater unser, something doesn’t sit right
  13. Send Donald notes on a few pronunciation questions
  14. Take back one of the pronunciation questions; Jackie agrees with Donald (note to self: show stuff to Jackie first)
  15. Leave the 2-sackbut verse alone; it’s perfect
  16. Make Deo gratias longer; too short of an ending for such a big work; maybe repeat signs? No, seriously, repeat signs? Somewhere?
  17. Change ridiculous harp and theorbo lines at end of Magnificat
  18. Send new ideas to Christa and Grant three different times and really annoy them
  19. Add two guitar notes at end of In dir ist Freude; Grant writes back dryly, “Makes all the difference.” Laugh out loud.
  20. Change ridiculous harp lines in Psalm 113
  21. Edit Foreword, add text of Nun danket all to front of score
  22. Look everything over one more time. Everything.
  23. Fix everything: text alignments, margins, spacing, everything
  24. Print score
  25. Now fix all the page numbers that you never looked at you idiot, that changed because of Psalm 27 rewrite
  26. Print score again
  27. Extract new Deo gratias parts, with more music and new ending; pat self on back for not using repeat signs
  28. Notice something missing from Sackbut 1 part
  29. Realize you deleted final version of Deo gratias
  30. Take back-patting back; smack self in forehead
  31. Reconstruct Deo gratias from PDF score you uploaded, which is now the only copy you idiot
  32. Print score again
  33. Print all parts again for extras just in case
  34. Where are we recording?
  35. Forehead hurts; take aspirin
Where we will record. Inside.

Where we will record. Inside, I'm pretty sure.

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