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The first day was very successful, and everyone was patient and professional. It’s delightful to work with these folks.

  1. Decided to change Grant’s two notes, um, two more times. He smiles wryly each time.
  2. Looks like we’re keeping the original harp and theorbo notes in Magnificat, after all. Mostly. They’re convinced it’s doable, and that I’m not an idiot for writing it that way.
  3. David Patrick Stearns of the Philadelphia Inquirer and Jim Cotter of Creatively Speaking on WRTI come to the sessions to write, interview, film, and record the goings-on. I am to be interviewed on-camera for WRTI, which is starting to add video to its website. I ask Jim “How’s my hair?,” since my normally unruly mop has gone through about 15 dozen headphone-on-headphone-off changings. Jim lies, “It looks delicious”; David says that I look like a “working composer.” This cannot be good. I’m sure the video will turn up as an audition at Bozo the Clown headquarters.
  4. I think the interview goes OK; at least I avoid saying most of the top-of-my-head opinions that would only get me into trouble.
  5. Photographer sees Priscilla and me and takes our picture together. She already knows Priscilla is my daughter, and now she knows how to spell shawm. Culture advances!
  6. Donald is extremely patient, and knows just the right word to say at each stoppage
  7. Piffaro works incessantly on things that I can hardly hear
  8. Producer George Blood whispers to me, “This is what makes them great. They keep moving the goalposts back.”
  9. The singers of The Crossing are extremely patient. They keep singing the same things over and over, which would make me hate my music. They still smile at me though.
  10. Piffaro is extremely patient. We keep moving them around the room to get the right balance and sound from the space.
  11. Recorders are really loud
  12. The air conditioning compressor has a mind of its own and decides to kick in, even after we’ve shut it off. At least a half-hour of recording time flies away, all told.
  13. We get four numbers in the can
  14. George has amazing ears
  15. Tad, the engineer, is a Swiss watch of efficiency
  16. George and Tad are extremely patient
  17. George and Tad always work in long-sleeve shirts, and ties, and are utterly unflappable. It occurs to me that they would make good FBI agents.
  18. Absolutely beautiful music-making from everyone
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