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  1. Air conditioning is fine
  2. But a severe storm system moseys up from the Carolinas, decides that our church roof would be a delightful place to spend the day, doesn’t move for six hours
  3. Hear thunder all that time, and wind and rain. And thunder. Which means the microphones hear it, too.
  4. Air conditioning problem doesn’t seem so bad now
  5. See rain of both vertical and horizontal varieties, black clouds, hail, lightning, Margaret Hamilton on a bicycle if I’m not mistaken, all out of the prettiest picture windows.
  6. Even prettier when the power goes out
  7. Tad turns off, then unplugs the computer about 30 seconds before the power goes out
  8. He already can hear an airplane before anyone else can, now he knows when lightning will strike?
  9. I resolve always to be Tad’s friend
  10. Unbelievably, we record Deo gratias and Psalm 113 before dinner, plowing through takes just so we can get two in a row with thunder in different places
  11. If the CD has thunder on it, we all agree, we’re just gonna live with it
  12. Will look into, like, the new age market, you know, Forest Vespers, Seashore Vespers, Thunderstorm Vespers
  13. Christa’s triple harp sounds scrumptious on Psalm 113
  14. Everybody likes the new Deo gratias. My favorite note in Vespers (don’t tell anyone), the low E at bar 59 on Bob’s octave bass dulcian, is like they gave you all of the saxophones from Stax Records that ever backed up Sam and Dave only now with more fiber all in a delicious chocolatey shake but just before they shove you toward the castle with a torch and a pitchfork and a slug of Jägermeister, and it also makes you want to put on Elvis’s 1973 Aloha from Hawaii (via satellite!) white sequined jacket and slide on one knee and fist-pump.
  15. Notice I said it makes you want to do that. I wouldn’t admit to anything of the sort.
  16. The 900-lb gorilla in the room, Psalm 27, we finally tackle at 7 pm, must finish by 10
  17. Joan’s suggestion for the colla parte instruments to double the voices—2 bass recorders, sackbut, and bass dulcian—is right as, um, rain, and sounds like an organ. Wish I could take credit for it.
  18. How did it get to be 9:08 so fast?
  19. At 9:17 it dawns on me that we’re going to make it. Donald has sliced and diced this quite long Psalm, juggling the easier and tougher sections like some table-side chef at a Chinese / Japanese / Thai restaurant.
  20. They have table-side chefs at Chinese / Japanese / Thai restaurants?
  21. We finish exactly at 10; everything’s covered
  22. This was the last session with the choir, lots of hugging and compliments and who brought the champagne?
  23. An almost inconceivable amount of work from everyone, at such a high level from everyone, and everyone as sweet as can be
  24. Ride home floating, and it’s not from the rain
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