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Okay, we did not record in the original church, as the photo in my pre-recording post indicated. St. Peter’s built a new building three years ago, and this is where we recorded (click on any of these photos and go to The Crossing’s website to see all the photos—thanks, Jeff!):

St. Peter's in the Great Valley, new building
St. Peter’s in the Great Valley, new building

I hear they call it The Barn, as that’s what it’s intended to resemble. It is quite beautiful outside and inside, and as it seats more than the original sanctuary (which I hear they’ve outgrown: good for them!), they do hold services there. Here’s how it looked after we removed all the chairs and while we were setting up:

Setting up
Setting up

Pretty, isn’t it? Nice sound, and a very pleasant place to spend four days. That’s me in the middle, blue shirt, standing ponderingly-like. Here’s Piffaro during rehearsals to figure out balances in the room:

Piffaro's Greg, Tom, Joan, Bob, and Christa
Piffaro’s Greg, Tom, Joan, Bob, and Christa

Like I said, click on any of the photos to link to all of them, but here’s Priscilla and me after all those thunderstorms Wednesday night, after wrapping up all the choir recording. I can’t remember what I was saying, but golly it looks like a knee-slapper. Or is she just humoring me?

Priscilla, ersatz raconteur

Priscilla and putative raconteur

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