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The Bremen Town Musicians, my piece written for children’s audiences, will have its first beyond-Pennsylvania performance at the Newburyport Chamber Music Festival. Newburyport Public Library in Newburyport, Massachusetts is the place, the time is 4 p.m., and the day is Wednesday 13 Aug 2008. The performers are David Ehrlich on violin, Caroline Stinson on cello, and David Yang is your narrator.

The map is below, so go ahead and drive to Newburyport and tell me how it went. I can’t be there, because I’ll be in a cave. No, really, I’ll be in a cave. OK, they call it a cavern, but that’s where I’ll be, and it’s far away otherwise I’d try to get there because the performance will be excellent, and there’s food all around the place I hear.

This will tell you about the commission by David Yang, Auricolae, et al., and this is the narration.

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