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Last month Anne Martindale Williams, Paul Jones, and I got together to rehearse the American Spirituals, Book Two for the upcoming CD. They rehearsed, that is. I hovered and said those things composers say at those times when musicians rehearse and composers hover. It’s the last chance, after all, to have a say in your piece, because you are witnessing the moment when it ceases being your piece. In earlier days such moments were bittersweet. Now I can’t get to them quickly enough. “Go! Fly away!” is all I can think now.

And with musicians such as Anne and Paul, its leave-taking is safe. They played beautifully, we adjusted a small thing or three, and they recorded a day or so later. American Spirituals, Book One is for violin and piano; this book (three different ones) is for cello and piano. The CD will be released and sheet music published within a couple of months, I believe.

[Update: CD and sheet music published by Paul Jones Music in the collection Sacred Music for Cello.]

Here’s the beginning of the third spiritual, “Little David, Play on Your Harp,” just from a MIDI file, and the first page of the music:


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