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First off, it’s for sale all these places: (No used copies for sale. Yet.)

Barnes and Noble

The Crossing

Navona Records, of course

Piffaro (You can also get rid of it here.)

Sunday night at 10pm Ross Amico will play Psalm 113 from Vespers on his show from WWFM, Trenton, N.J., The Lost Chord. You can listen online here. The show’s not all about me. Actually, composer Robert Moran talked Ross into having WPRB’s Marvin Rosen and me in the studio with them, so Bob could ask the three radio guys all sorts of impertinent questions. Unfathomably, we all agreed.  I think I caved when Ross said there would be grapes and brie. I was asked to bring something of mine to play…oh, right, that’s when I caved.

Ironically, Ross’s show is on at the same time as my Now is the Time on WRTI-HD2 (and on the all-classical webstream at, had to get that in), but we’re all in it for the greater good, that’s the kind of guys we are. You bet.

But BBC3 was quicker on the draw; they have already played the first two tracks of Vespers on Monday April 20th, a week before the release date, which is pretty efficient when you think about it. Sorry, Ross, about the scoop, but thanks, one and all!

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