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wrti_logoJim Cotter’s show Creatively Speaking runs every Saturday at 11am on WRTI, and I am constantly amazed at how much he packs into it. I mean, I know how long it takes to produce the Fleisher Discoveries and Now is the Time, but Jim has news and interviews and lead-ins and a whole list of things going on that broadcasters not only know how to do really well, but probably even have names for.

Me, I’m in awe. It’s like when I used to read the bridge column in the paper and I had no idea what they were talking about yet loved reading how one ought to ruff to Queen’s dummy rubber club or some such thing and the fact that there were people out there somewhere who knew this and understood this and loved this and one of them even was Omar Sharif made me feel that the foundation of the world was somehow that much stronger.

With Vespers just released and the CD signing party this Saturday May 9th (after the Piffaro Harmony of the Spheres concert at Chestnut Hill Presbyterian Church), CS is re-running the David Patrick Stearns interview from last summer, made at the time of the recording sessions. Here is a description of it, with further links. Control bids and slams to all…

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