Radio Times

Donald Nally was on the radio Friday, May 15th, on Marty Moss-Coane’s Radio Times on WHYY, talking about The Crossing’s Month of Moderns series. That project includes settings of Paul Celan texts by me and others. Here’s the podcast; Donald’s on Hour 2 and Vespers comes in at about 37 minutes in or so. From it they play part of Psalms 70 and 113 (at about 47 minutes), and the show signs off with some of the Magnificat. It sounds like it’s from the premiere, not from the CD? Not sure; hard for me to tell from the podcast and I don’t have it turned up very loud. A wonderful interview with a fully engaged artist, and very enlightening about what makes The Crossing what they are. Which is very…very…good. They’re singing my new piece, Where flames a word, on June 5th. Joby Talbot’s Path of Miracles last night (wow), then Kirsten Broberg and Bo Holten et al. this Friday May 22nd, Bo Holten again on the June 5th concert, more later…


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