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amazonmusicsamplerAmazon now has audio samples up for each of the Vespers tracks. The CD has also been bouncing up and down the sales rank (#45,000 to 15K to 26K to 10K, who knows what these numbers mean), but tending higher and higher. A buddy told me he saw it as high as 3,000-something. (That’s just to let you know that it wasn’t me looking it up, like, ha ha ha, I would do that, yeah right, me, checking my own stats on Amazon c’mon how lame is that.) But from six to the low four digits in a week, not bad… it’s also #42 in new classical releases… it’s also listed under the, what?, historical period of 1770-1830; okay, if they were going to kill me off, couldn’t they at least have made me a dead Renaissance composer? Oh, look at that, James MacMillan’s in this group, too. All right, I’ll take it. One day it’s “Temporarily out of stock,” and the next it’s “Only 4 left in stock—order soon (more on the way).” That’s good, yes? And no used CDs available, just new ones. Well I know that’s got to be good. Not like I check or anything.

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