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Joe Barron of the Montgomery News wrote a preview of The Crossing’s Month of Moderns concerts, and passed on a bit of news to me: that Kirsten Broberg and I both chose some of the same Paul Celan text to set. My work, Where flames a word, uses three texts, the last bit being what we both chose:

(I know you, you are the deeply bowed,
I the transpierced, am subject to you.
Where flames a word, would testify for us both?
You—all, all real. I—all delusion.)

I’m looking forward to hearing Kirsten’s piece tonight, on a concert that also includes music by Bo Holten, James MacMillan, and Steven Stucky. On June 5th, I’ll be on the program with Paul Fowler, Jackson Hill, Holten, and Arvo Pärt. All at the Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill. The Month of Moderns started off last weekend with a powerful performance of Joby Talbot’s Path of Miracles that continues to resonate.

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