vespersIn addition to the interested parties of these groups, who made the recording happen:


The Crossing, and

Navona Records,

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Many of the tracks also available for download, including iTunes: Piffaro, Crossing Choir & Donald Nally - K. Smith: Vespers

The automated nature of how the personnel information is distributed leads to some amusement for me. Many of the above sites contain exactly the same info, so it’s fun to see the same mistake go viral. I’m not sure how the list of musicians gets from the CD to these sites, but some mechanism has misread the names of instrument makers as instrument players, leading one to believe that there was a forest of instrumentalists on the recording, viz.

Grant Herreid (guitar, lute, theorbo, shawm, recorder); Peter Forrester (guitar); Martin Praetorius (tenor dulcimer, bass dulcian); Christa Patton (harp, shawm, recorder); Rainer Thurau (triple harp); Andrew Rutherford (lute); Ivo Magherini (theorbo); Priscilla Smith, Joan Kimball, Robert Wiemken (shawm, recorder, dulcian); Guntram Wolf (soprano shawm, alto shawm, bass dulcian); Bernhard Schermer, Joel Robinson (soprano shawm); Robert Cronin (alto shawm, tenor shawm); Greg Ingles, Tom Zajac (recorder, sackbut); Adrian Brown (soprano recorder, alto recorder, tenor recorder, bass recorder, contrabass recorder, great bass recorder); Eric Moulder (bass dulcian); Rainer Egger, Frank Tomes (tenor sackbut).

Wow. Let it be known that the members of Piffaro are seven, only seven:

Grant Herreid (guitar, lute, theorbo, shawm, recorder)
Greg Ingles (recorder, sackbut)
Joan Kimball (shawm, recorder, dulcian)
Christa Patton (harp, shawm, recorder)
Priscilla Smith (shawm, recorder, dulcian)
Robert Wiemken (shawm, recorder, dulcian)
Tom Zajac (recorder, sackbut)

Rainer Thurau does not play the triple harp, nor does Joel Robinson play shawm on this recording. Here’s Piffaro, actually:

Grant, Joan, Bob, Priscilla, Greg, Christa, Tom. Credit: Andrew Pinkham

Grant, Joan, Bob, Priscilla, Greg, Christa, Tom. Credit: Andrew Pinkham