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Joe Barron, Montgomery News, 29 Oct 2009

During the rehearsals of any new music, there comes a moment when the conductor or the soloist turns to the composer for advice. The performer needs the creator to pass judgment on the interpretation, or phrasing, volume, or any of the other innumerable details that go into translating notes from the page to the ear.

When that moment came during a recent rehearsal of Kile Smith’s new “Two Laudate Psalms,” Smith found he had nothing to say—a new but definitely pleasurable experience. To his ear, the run-through had been perfect.

“I had no wisdom,” Smith said Saturday in an interview. “It felt absolutely terrific not to have to be wise.”

Acclaimed composer Kile Smith was commissioned by Lyric Fest to create “Two Laudate Psalms,” which will receive their world premiere at the Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill, Friday, Oct. 30.

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