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Awfully nice of WRTI to point out Vespers and Two Laudate Psalms in a notice on the bottom of their homepage. They refer to the two radio shows, and if you follow the jump, you’ll find links to things like the story behind the theme music for Now is the Time.

There is one mistake… well, not a mistake, really, but when a “mellow, intelligent-sounding voice” is noted they neglect to mention that all state-of-the-art radio engineering consoles have a voice quality dial, and that the engineer has just upgraded me to the “mellow, intelligent-sounding” notch. That’s all. While no money has changed hands, I won’t comment on whether the delivery of meatball sandwiches to the engineering department coinciding with each of my recording slots has, or does not have, any bearing on access to heretofore unknown-to-me audio technology. I started out at the dial setting we call Prof. Julius Kelp, and since I spent such a long time there they were kind enough to leapfrog me right over Ernest T. Bass to Richie Cunningham, where I stayed until the recent promotion. Thanks, guys!

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