WRTI asked us once again to come up with Valentine’s Day recordings—something for romance—and this offering occurred to me. And once again I chose something another announcer did. Last year I doubled up on Bob Perkins with my Johnny Hartman choice, and this time around Gregg Whiteside and I both settled on this Strauss. We don’t consult on this, but synching up with these fine gentlemen makes me think I’m onto something.

Richard Strauss, Der Rosenkavalier

Te Kanawa, Howells, Haugland, Bonney, Solti, Schlesinger (The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden) (1986) DVD released 2004

It’s love hidden, proclaimed, delayed, found—and love not to be. A kaleidoscope of romance, Der Rosenkavalier of Richard Strauss includes unparalleled orchestral fireworks from the opening explosion to the final joke, and a moment of vocal writing so blindingly luminous that, out of the entire operatic repertoire, it is called, simply, The Trio. Many great recordings; I’m partial to this DVD.

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