Vespers in American Recorder

From the March 2010 magazine of the American Recorder Society, and a couple of surprises for me, most obviously and stunningly: “post-modern.” Really? Yikes. And a reference to world music, interesting, never thought of that. But after the jump, no surprise at all, well-deserved praise for the playing of Piffaro, the singing of The Crossing, and a shoutout to one of the secret weapons of Vespers, who is no secret, Greg Ingles…

…serendipitous juxtapositions in the collaboration of composer Kile Smith with ensembles Piffaro and The Crossing. Smith, a well-regarded composer steeped in the streams of Lutheran liturgical music, accomplishes a remarkable feat in his vespers setting. He employs a Renaissance wind band and choral group that focuses on newly-composed music in his successful post-modern setting of a Reformation period vespers service.…

…read more here.


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