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Just a bit of German, although I wish it were more. And 130 is true. Daniel Denvir, in the 23 Mar 2010 Philadelphia Weekly, his description of a stroll through the Free Library of Philadelphia’s Central branch, where they’ve let me work, lo, these… how many years?!:

We re-emerge to find ourselves in the Fleisher Collection, a particularly special oddity. The room contains more than 21,000 full musical scores and performance materials, the largest such collection on earth. The Free Library is the top lender of these materials to orchestras worldwide including some of the estimated 130 orchestras in the Philadelphia metro region. Curator Kile Smith has worked here 29 years, and every day he fields long-distance calls from music directors. “I got a call once and a guy said, ‘I am in Tokyo, do you speak German?’” recalls Smith, who fortunately does speak a bit of German.

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