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In preparing for the next Fleisher Discoveries program, airing September 4th and featuring Henri Vieuxtemps, I wrote down the off-hand comment that he was right in the middle of the line of violinist composers. Then I thought (it often happens that way: I write, then I think), “I wonder if that’s actually true?” So I did some poking around and found to my amazement that I was correct. He’s not only in the middle of the 19th-century ones, but if you go way back to Corelli (b.1753) and forward to Roldan (b.1900), he’s still in the middle. I found 40 of them, and he’s No. 20. How about that.

Then I thought, “Wouldn’t it be neat to have one of those timeline charts?,” and tried to make one in Excel. Well, you can’t, not really. OK, I can’t. I discovered that they’re called Gantt charts (who knew?) and that Excel doesn’t do Gantt. But it will give you hints on some workarounds, so I worked around and came up with one.

It took an embarrassingly long time to make, and is unuseable for insertion into my normal description of the show, but after all that work, I had to let people see it. So here it is. Click on it for a version you can actually read. I know there are more names that could be added. But not many, and they wouldn’t upset the thesis of my original hasty remark. Anyway, these are the biggest names I could find, but even so, some are known only to the most learned of cognoscenti (among whom I do not count myself).

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