This anthem, commissioned by the First Presbyterian Church of Phoenixville, is part of the dedicatory recital for the newly installed Kegg Pipe Organ, Sunday, November 7, 2010, at 4:00 p.m. Music Director David Nicol will conduct the Senior Choir, accompanied by Mary Nicol, the church’s organist.

More information and directions here.

I wrote an original tune for the anthem. The text is an eighteenth-century hymn from the Church of Scotland, based on Romans 8, and I added an American shape-note refrain: “And I’ll sing Hallelujah / And you’ll sing Hallelujah / And we’ll all sing Hallelujah / When we arrive at home.”

Gordon Turk will give the organ recital. Dr. Turk is Organist and Choirmaster of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Wayne, Pa., Resident Organist at the historic Ocean Grove Auditorium in New Jersey, and a critically acclaimed international concert organist. He was consultant to the Organ Committee of First Presbyterian for this fine instrument.

See a news clip on Channel 6 ABC News about the installation of the organ this summer.