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A mention in This Week at Pytheas:

David Patrick Stearns of the Philadelphia Inquirer called Kile Smith’s Vespers “breathtaking” and “ecstatically beautiful,” adding that “few have Smith’s lyrical immediacy and ability to find great musical variety while maintaining an overall coherent personality.” Kile Smith’s frequently performed music has been praised by audiences and critics for its emotional power, direct appeal, and strong voice. Listen to his “As Kingfishers Catch Fire” (2000) from the collection “Poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins” . . . this week’s FROM THE PYTHEAS ARCHIVES.

The Hopkins songs are pieces I’d been working on for a long time, first for voice and piano. I then orchestrated three for Jens Nygaard‘s Jupiter Symphony. I had a wonderful association with Jupiter, writing three works that they premiered: the Hopkins, the Variations on a Theme of Schubert with piano, and The Three Graces for oboe, horn, cello, and strings. They also played Three Dances.

The Pytheas Center for Contemporary Music describes itself:

a wide ranging web nexus for contemporary concert music. Our mission is to promote contemporary composers and their music through information, understanding and performances.… Contemporary classical/art/concert music is a living art form, fed by the creativity of composers across the country and around the globe.… There are more composers writing music now than there ever have been in the history of the world, and our goal is to help you connect with them and enjoy their art.

Vinny Fuerst started Pytheas a couple of years ago and has made it awash with all things new-music, with audio, video, and information of all kinds. It ought to be checked out, over and over.

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