A new kilesmith.com (no, it just looks different)

There’s a new look to kilesmith.com, but everything functions pretty much the same way. WordPress launches new templates all the time, and I always glance at each new offering, even though I was fairly satisfied with the old look. This template grabbed me right away with its simplicity. I hesitated changing, wondering if I’d lose information, but a check through the Help files emboldened me. One person in a user forum suggested saving whatever customized sidebar widgets there were, and I’m glad I took her up on that. I had to re-upload the header photo, but other than that I haven’t discovered any problems.

A change I noticed a couple of days before the new template is a WordPress improvement to how the menu works. So I spruced up the top menu with dropdown submenus and hover explanations, moved some items around (a lot easier to do now), and moved the now-mostly-unnecessary Pages widget to the bottom of the sidebar.

That got me to updating and cleaning up the sidebar. I deleted one or two widgets, and created one with a list of all my WRTI CD reviews. I’ve been posting those ad hoc, but now they’re all together in one place. They’re also accessible from Radio in the menu.

The About page underwent heavier-than-usual editing. The two bio’s of different lengths morphed into three, and now that I think of it, the Very Short one could be shorter.

All in all, the site should be cleaner and easier to navigate. I’m always tweaking it (when I should be composing), but let me know where you see that improvements may be needed.


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