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WRTI asked us once again to come up with Valentine’s Day recordings, so here’s my latest offering. You can read all my CD reviews here.

Vaughan Williams, Holst: Choral Folksong Arrangements

Spring is not too far away, and as a harbinger of romance, always reminds me of the English folksong arrangements of Ralph Vaughan Williams. There’s “Loch Lomond,” there’s “Greensleeves,” and there’s my favorite, the Robert Burns poem to his bonnie dearie, “Ca’ the yowes tae the knowes” (Drive the ewes to the knolls), which crescendos to “While waters wimple tae the sea, While day blinks in the lift sae hie, Till clay-cauld death shall blin’ my e’e, Ye shall be my dearie!”

They’re all here (and more) on Ralph Vaughan Williams and Gustav Holst: Choral Folksong Arrangements. But you could just give me those folk songs, and that would be enough.


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