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Finished a couple of weeks ago, actually. The performance, with The Crossing and Tempesta di Mare, is June 18th, and although I’ve been working on it for over a year, it’s been off and on, with other, smaller works getting attention in between. But once I bore down on it, before Christmas, I had set a deadline for myself to finish in April. Saturday night, 11:45 pm, April 30th, I made the last change, and only then remembered my deadline. Fifteen minutes to spare.

The groups have the music, and while there may be some bowing changes to be made, that’s it for now. A piano/vocal score will come along, but after the performance.

I’ve started to write program notes. This is all I have so far:

The Waking Sun is my attempt to understand Stoicism. When Donald Nally first asked me to participate in The Crossing’s Seneca project, I thought that I would not be able to. I am a Christian, and not a Stoic.

More later.

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