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I had forgotten about the contest I entered, and guess what?! Wrong. I didn’t win. It was National Punctuation Day, and there were 25 winners of the haiku contest. I just remembered it and looked it up. Three hundred and fifty-six people submitted more than 3,000 haikus describing a punctuation mark, any punctuation mark of their liking. I love the en-dash, correctly used in my biz to crowbar apart the years of dead composers, e.g. J.S. Bach (1685–1750).

That’s not a hyphen, oh, no-no-no, and certainly not—as you might be tempted to use—an em-dash. The en-dash is so named because it is the width of the letter n in some typeface or other, and the em-dash, the m. That is the sum total of my knowledge on the subject, and herewith, my losing entry, of the more than 2,975 other losers:

To separate birth
from death, a life is wished, but
the en-dash will do.

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