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The website passed 50,000 hits a few weeks ago. Researching the significance of 50,000, I discover from Wikipedia that it is the number between 49,999 and 50,001. Deciding to end my fact-finding there, I’ll report, then, that it seems like a lot, all things considered. It very well may not be. I have little idea what things, in fact, ought to be considered, so I’ll leave it there.

Since I finished two big composing deadlines and am about to start on another, I thought it was time to brush up the site. I changed templates to a cleaner, simpler one. It’s so clean, in fact, that it eliminates the sidebar on all but the homepage, yikes. So I beefed up the every-page top menu, hoping to make it easier to find music, writings, other things.

Nellie and Martina wanted me to keep the picture of the guy carrying the log, so it’s still there in the header, in rotation with shots of me looking at you or not looking at you.

Now on to ASCAP reporting (months in abeyance) and database updating for Now is the Time.

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