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Some scattered thoughts on the interview with David Patrick Stearns in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer.

Generous remarks by him, and by Donald Nally. Very generous. Am I notoriously self-effacing? Notoriously? I mentioned the Hi-Lo’s in a Broad Street Review article on Milton Babbitt (Stearns had done his homework), and don’t you know, in the living room right next to the sofa where he sat, the LP leaning against the turntable stand, “The Hi-Lo’s and All That Jazz.” Well, Gene Puerling’s chops do make it into Vespers, but more as an approach to counterpoint than anything else. Or…?

Knowing your own influences is tricky. I hear more Praetorius, Nicolai, Lutheran in Vespers, he hears Anglican. Go figure. I sent a new photo and they used the scruffy one from the recording sessions. Ugh (self-effacing, ha), but somebody likes it, I guess. Shout-out to Mélomanie, good! Can’t wait for those concerts.

I’m no pushover? Thought I was. He liked the birds, that’s good. And it’s true, we have German names for all the wildlife: Fritz, Hunding, Steffi, Gottlob (although him I’d like to trap and release in Pennypack, enough’s enough already). I’m incredibly blessed. All around. NY press, probably won’t be any, that’ll teach me to worry.

Apparently I said the word “butt.”

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