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From the Flute Pro Shop: “a total triumph… entrancing… fresh harmonic language, and counterpoint (this is counterpoint that is not always  imitative-very interesting!) and instrumentation which reminds me of operatic ensembles in which each character retains their personality….Kile Smith’s musical voice is unique and compelling.”

From Delaware Arts Info: “The work is a series of dances which have both a baroque inspiration and a modern treatment– especially the fanfare of the Overture. Smith’s mastery of detail (his years as librarian of the Fleisher collection made their mark) was evident in his his careful consideration of each instrument as a soloist.”

Both had illuminating, complimentary, and well-deserved comments about the players, including this: “Priscilla Smith brought a very fresh and unadorned mastery of baroque oboe to the fore as she played the beautiful, quiet and almost vibrato-free melodies of Telemann and Couperin. Her youth and talent promise a great deal for her future. She already has an impressive resume of performances as a baroque player.”

Huzzahs to Priscilla and Mélomanie!

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