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Parts of my Mass for Philadelphia will be sung at the Closing Eucharist for the Association of Anglican Musicians National Conference today, 3:30 pm Thursday, 21 Jun 2012, at St. Luke and The Epiphany, Philadelphia. Assisting in the congregational singing will be a children’s choir and the Conference Choir. The Mass is for unison congregation, organ, and optional cantor and descant.

I’ve been having a great time at the conference all week, meeting music directors and organists from around the country. I also had the pleasure of meeting British composer Francis Pott at The Crossing concert Sunday night. The Crossing sang two of his luscious, dark works, and they never cease to amaze how good they are, in whatever music they perform: true as truth, warm, vibrant, athletic, always exciting. Peter Richard Conte played a program of his own exquisite transcriptions on the Wanamaker Organ at Macy’s last night.

Being an exhibitor at the Conference, and bringing along lots of my choral music, I wasn’t able to attend nearly all of the events I would’ve liked, but it’s been an enjoyable time of meeting church music folks, other exhibitors, and making new friends. I’ve made a re-acquaintance with Charles Kegg of Kegg Pipe Organs. We had met a year ago at First Presbyterian of Phoenixville, when an anthem of mine was premiered at the dedication of an organ he had just installed. It’s a beautiful instrument.

Thanks to Phillip and Heather Shade and the AAM for commissioning this Mass.
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