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Exotic sounds are broken, chanted, and spun on Now is the Time.

 Philadelphia-area composers Michael Hersch and Aaron Jay Kernis always intrigue, Pat Muchmore scalds with post-modern electric guitar, and Michael Ellison infuses Qu’ranic recitation with spectral wonder, all on Sunday, June 24th at 10 pm. Now is the Time, American contemporary music, on WRTI-HD2 and the all-classical stream at

Michael Ellison. Elif
Michael Hersch. Fracta
Pat Muchmore. Broken Aphorism 10
Aaron Jay Kernis. Ecstatic Meditations
Pat Muchmore. Al Gharaniq—Fracture IV

Now is the Time combines all styles of concert music by living American composers, every Sunday night at 10. Here are the recording details and complete schedule.

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