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The Nobility of Women will be on the next Mélomanie CD, as we wrapped up recording the eight dances yesterday. Andreas Meyer of Meyer Media recorded my 20-minute work with the Baroque / new-music group at the University of Delaware, in Gore Recital Hall, after recording music by Haverford College’s Ingrid Arauco on Monday. More works by other composers will be added in the coming months.

What a pleasant group to collaborate with! Harpsichordist Tracy Richardson and flutist Kim Reighley have been running Mélomanie out of Wilmington, Delaware for almost 20 years. Douglas McNames is the cellist, Donna Fournier plays gamba, and the newest member, Christof Richter, is the violinist. They are as affable as they are talented, and immediately get to the heart of the music.

For Nobility, Priscilla Smith joined on Baroque oboe. What a thrill it is—and a bit of a fright—to write for one’s daughter. The obvious joy is to hear her play so beautifully what I thought up. The angst comes from worrying over what I thought up… and trying to make it better.

More about this six-person chamber work, including audio samples from the January 2012 premiere, are here. Here’s a link to my notes on the first rehearsal of it. Mélomanie will perform this on September 29th as part of their season kick-off; more details to come.

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