Gottlob is gone

Radishes, rejoice! Cabbages, clap your hands!

Not to worry; he’s in a better place (no, not that place), and no, I won’t tell you where.

Yes, we named him (or her), and yes, we don’t care. Good riddance. Be well.

4 thoughts on “Gottlob is gone

  1. Joe Hannigan

    We’ve got loads of those guys around here. For some reason, they crack me up, although I know they can be a pest. (In our case; a rogue SQUIRREL has been stealing & eating our tomatoes even before they ripen on the vine, driving my wife nuts! 😉

    1. Kile Smith Post author

      Good to hear from you, Joe, from your wooded retreat! Gottlob cracked me up, too, five years ago. Small fences, big fences, bricks under fences, chunks of concrete jammed down holes, and five years of yelling and throwing things later, my sense of humor is seriously dented. Local ordinances frown on more drastic measures: Silly local ordinances, you’re all about protecting us, aren’t you, well, aren’t you?! There are two more Gottlobs across the street; I’m waiting for word to get out that there’s now an empty tunnel under the Smith yard. Squirrels love to try the tomatoes, don’t they? They don’t really eat them. They just take one little bite and move on, twitching their tails, smiling. Tell your wife I was driven nuts long ago, hahahahahaha!!!! Hahahahahaha!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

  2. Mike Hoffmann

    Sorry to hear about Gottlob! The following story his week tells how a Kentucky man rids his property of varmints:
    “A 92-year-old World War II veteran proved that he can still shoot and kill on sight.

    Kentucky farmer Earl Jones heard a crash in his basement, so he reached for his .22-caliber rifle and sat with it in his lap for about 20 minutes on Monday morning

    Jones of Boone County aimed the rifle after hearing footsteps climb the stairs. When the intruder — 24-year-old Lloyd (Adam) Maxwell — kicked open the basement door, Jones fired a bullet into his chest, killing him around 2:30 a.m.

    “These people aren’t worth any more to me than a groundhog,” Jones told the Kentucky Enquirer. “They have our country in havoc. We got so many damned crooked people walking around today.”

    Jones actions appear to fall within the state’s definition of force for self-defense, according to the Kentucky Enquirer. Kentucky’s Castle Doctrine permits deadly force in defense of one’s home.

    Jones harbors no remorse over the shooting. “It was simple. That man was going to take my life. He was hunting me. I was protecting myself,” he said.

    Hope all is well with the family!
    Mike Hoffmann

    1. Kile Smith Post author

      Hi Mike,
      Nothing drastic as that in these here parts! And good thing, as in your Kentucky story I’d have the place of Maxwell, since I was going after the groundhog. But no munitions were involved, from either side. Thanks, and good to hear from you!

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