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It’s geology and music on Now is the Time, Sunday, October 7th at 10 pm. When you’re on the verge of slipping down a hill, you’re flirting with the “angle of repose,” and Ethan Wickman slides all around it on this Zeitgeist CD. An intercalation is a time insertion (such as February 29th) or an unexpected geological layer between strata, and Richard Wilson plays with those ideas in his piano work.

James Aikman’s third violin sonata is on his album Tremors from a Far Shore; the middle fantasia is three times as long as the outer movements, yet its tectonic motion is graceful in its certainty.

Now is the Time means American contemporary music on WRTI-HD2 and the all-classical stream at


James Aikman. Sonata No. 3
Richard Wilson. Intercalations
Ethan Wickman. Angles of Repose

Now is the Time combines all styles of concert music by living American composers, every Sunday night at 10. Here are the recording details and complete schedule.

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