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The Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Boston will present a pre-premiere performance of my new choral work, The Chambered Nautilus, this Sunday, All Saints, 4 Nov 2012.

Music Director Ed Broms has been rehearsing this a cappella work for a few weeks with ten singers. It’s the latest effort I’ve put together for the cathedral as part of my composer-in-residence duties there. Although the premiere is now scheduled for the spring unveiling of the new Nautilus sculpture for the cathedral pediment, they thought they’d try it out this Sunday for the celebration of All Saints.

It’s written for one-on-a-part divided SATB, but can be performed with any number above that. In the spring they may have 16 singers, which would be fantastic. Can’t wait to hear it!

The Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. text and the first page of music are here. Anyone who wants a PDF of it, or a MIDI realization, just let me know and I’ll be happy to send it along.

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