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Tantalus480It’s three views of mythology on Now Is the Time, Sunday, May 26th at 10 pm. Robert Lombardo brings the sound of the mandolin to the string orchestra with a fascinating result in Orpheus and the Maenads, and Richard Stoltzman brings his clarinet to the music of Jonathan Sacks, whose Portals re-imagines Bacchus and ancient rituals.

Maurice Wright’s Mythology is a cycle of songs considering the myths of Orpheus, Lethe, Tantalus (detail from the Bernard Picart engraving, left), and Medusa, the music swimming in poignant lyricism.

from Robert Lombardo: Orpheus and the Maenads 

Jonathan Sacks: Portals
Maurice Wright: Mythology
Robert Lombardo: Orpheus and the Maenads

Every Sunday night at 10, Kile Smith brings you Now Is the Time, all styles of contemporary concert music by living American composers on WRTI-HD2 and the all-classical stream at Here are the recording details and complete schedule.

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