I’ve written 500 posts

Hard to believe but there it is; WordPress keeps track of these things and just told me, otherwise I wouldn’t have known. Now, 500 may seem like a big number, but for perspective on just how big it is, consider these facts:

If you laid all my posts end-to-end, there would be 500 of them.

If you stacked all my posts up toward the moon and stood on top of them, you would be 500 posts closer to the moon. I know, right? Probably you’d have to stack them into stairs or something so you could get up there, but anyway it’d be worth it because it wouldn’t be like standing way down here where you are now.

If each of my posts was like, I don’t know, a million-dollar bill…I would never copy my own music ever again. I would take one of my posts, like even one of the real small ones, to the bank, and I’d say, “Hi guys, go ahead and split this up and give me the cash for, I don’t know, each of the letters…and, and punctuation marks or even parts of them, like can you split a double quotation mark in half, stuff like that?” and they’d say, “Sure, whatever you want!” and they’d give me the money and I’d come to you and I’d give you like a small m or half a comma or something and say, “Here you go, now you can copy my music, I don’t want to anymore.” And you’d say, “Cool! This is great, Kile!,” and then you’d copy my music for me and tell your friends what a great guy I was.

So I know it’s hard to believe but there it is. 500 posts. This one is 501.


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