Plain Truths in Ocean Grove

Jeremy Gaylon

I’m delighted that Jeremy Galyon, the wonderful bass/baritone who premiered my Plain Truths, will reprise some of it Sunday July 7th at the Ocean Grove Chamber Music Series in Ocean Grove, N.J.

Jeremy’s taking the song cycle from the coastal town of Newburyport, Mass., for whose 10th Annual Summer Music Festival it was commissioned, to the Jersey shore.

I composed Plain Truths on texts by Newburyport authors: fiery abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison (two excerpts from his newspaper The Liberator—one from the first and one from the last edition), “Annie Lisle” writer Henry S. Thompson (an original tune for this song), the uniquely eccentric “Lord” Timothy Dexter, and the romance novelist Harriett Prescott Spofford. She wrote this about the people of Newburyport: “These sea-coast people see the world and learn.”

The texts and more information on Plain Truths are here.

Thank you, Jeremy, can’t wait to hear your gorgeous singing in Ocean Grove!


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