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SymLumenPosterJust got the poster from John Sall, director of the Abington Symphony Orchestra, for the November 8th concert including my Symphony: Lumen ad revelationem. Also on the program is the exquisite Nänie of Brahms, coincidentally the piece that, when I was in high school, triggered my interest in becoming a composer.

I believe music by Edward Elgar and Reynaldo Hahn round out the evening. The concert’s at 8; John and I will discuss amongst ourselves and all present things of interest at 7.

The piece touches on the Song of Simeon, Psalm 84, and 9/11, literally or aslant, but you can read about my machinations here, if you like. I did things in that symphony, musically, I don’t do anymore, but for which I have a soft spot. It was given a wonderful premiere by the late, lamented Lehigh Valley Chamber Orchestra, and this performance will be its second airing since 2002. The opening of the finale serves as the theme music for Discoveries from the Fleisher Collection, because I know you were wondering. Here it is:

This is a beautiful poster, I think. I’m looking forward to this performance very much…thank you, John and the ASO!

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