Clock480Starting tomorrow, Saturday, November 2nd, things go bump in the night on WRTI-HD2. The biggest move is for Now Is the Time, the contemporary American music show I host, which moves from its Sunday slot to one day and one hour earlier.

It now broadcasts every Saturday at 9 pm.

Here’s the whole lineup: on Saturday, Weekend Radio (now 6 pm), The Score (now 7 pm), and Millennium of Music (now 8 pm) all move up one hour. Then at 9 pm, Now Is the Time.

Sunday’s lineup of SymphonyCast at 6 pm, and the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra at 8 pm, is unchanged. Classical through the Night with Peter van de Graff will air 10 pm to 6 am on both Saturdays and Sundays.

As many of you know, WRTI is the classical music and jazz source in Philadelphia and beyond. With HD2 added to the mix, we have 24 hours of classical and jazz each. Over the airwaves (terrestrial radio—love that term, makes me think of War of the Worlds somehow), it’s pretty much classical during the day and jazz at night. Online and HD radio, the formats are flipped.

But there’s nothing to remember. Just go to any page at and click on the Listen: Classical button at the top. Day or night, you’ll get the classical stream. For jazz, hit the Listen: Jazz button.

Thanks for supporting American contemporary music on Now Is the Time! What’s that you say, you’d love to hear the theme music?

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