PriscillaIn the Smith house we couldn’t be prouder of Priscilla, just written up in the Philadelphia Inquirer by David Patrick Stearns. He saw the Mark Rylance productions on Broadway of Richard III and Twelfth Night, in which Priscilla’s been playing since October, and interviewed her backstage between shows.

She’s playing shawm, recorder, and bagpipe onstage (and above), and, with the music director returning to England for some of the run, Priscilla has also taken on some of the directing responsibility.

(If it is at all possible to see one or both of these, by the way, do not hesitate. They’ve been extended to February 16. It is a life-changing theatrical experience to see Rylance and that entire cast. I suppose I could think of a better way of saying this, but here goes: I mean it.)

The plays are stunning, the music is beautiful, and Priscilla—along with her playing Baroque oboe on the Bach at One concerts at Trinity Wall Street, and her many other engagements playing modern oboe and early instruments—continues to amaze us. Couldn’t be prouder.