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vespersRecently received recordings of Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern and Herr Christ, der einig Gotts Sohn from Levi Hernandez, baritone extraordinaire and Founder and General Director of the Aestas Consort. These were from the January 31/Feb 1 Aestas performances in the Chicago area, which I was fortunate to attend, and which I wrote about here.

“Wie schön,” from Vespers, is originally for Renaissance instruments, but for Aestas and Conductor Maurice Boyer I arranged it for strings and harpsichord. I was very pleased with how it came out, but see what you think:

Their handling of the 16-voice writing in “Herr Christ” was simply gorgeous, as was the sound of the acoustics in Grace Lutheran Church in River Forest, near the campus of Concordia University Chicago. Here’s their performance:

These recordings remind me again of my pleasant time there with friends new and not-so-new, of warm hospitality (and Steven Hyder’s impressive snow-driving skills!), and of the gifts of all the talented and hard-working people I am fortunate to know.

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