iSingPosterI wish I could be in California to hear the iSing Girlchoir‘s performances of my Two Laudate Psalms! Jennah Delp-Somers and Shane Troll are the artistic directors of this Silicon Valley choir for girls in grades 2-12. The first concert was last night, Friday May 23rd; they had to add another one tonight since Friday’s sold out. Jennah told me tonight’s is sold out, too!

Originally for the Pennsylvania Girlchoir in collaboration with Lyric Fest, the two Psalms are 113 and 150. The music for this Psalm 113 is the same music for the Psalm 113 in Vespers, but re-arranged for the high voices and with piano accompaniment. I explain all about how that came to be, and about the entire piece here. Thank you, iSing, and thank you, Jennah!

Here are excerpts from the premiere, with mezzo-soprano Suzanne DuPlantis; from Psalm 113:

and from Psalm 150: