GoldandSilverp1,jpgGold and Silver, overture for orchestra

3*223*(opt cbn)-4231-timp, 2perc (incl glock)-str. 7′

Commissioned by the Helena Symphony for its 60th anniversary, and in honor of the 150th anniversary of the City of Helena. Premiered 19 July 2014, Helena Symphony, Allan R. Scott conducting, Carroll College, Helena, Montana.

The Montana state motto is Oro y Plata, “Gold and Silver.” The two-trumpet fanfare opening may be seen as depicting both gold and silver, but more than that, I wanted to capture the joy of discovery that accompanied the founding of Helena and indeed, all new ventures. The later hymn-like tune uses the fanfare as its genesis, and suggests, as do all hymn tunes, the community as one, singing together.

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