Photo by Bin im Garten via Creative commons on Wikimedia

Photo by Bin im Garten via Creative Commons

My 3rd of 4 posts is up at New Music Box, the website of New Music USA; I’m their September guest-blogger. From the 12 Things I’ve Learned about Composing from Writing Church Music, this 3rd batch—with an assist from a drummer—is:

7. Write Faster
8. Hear It, Change It
9. Churches Do Tons of New Music

Part One is here:
1. Start Where You Are
2. Write What You Know
3. Write for People You Know

Part Two:
4. Make Them Sound Good
5. Follow the Rules
6. Break the Rules

The plan for next week, to finish the series:
10. Stick to the text
11. It’s all about the music
12. It’s not about the music

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