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earthriseWRTI broadcasts The Crossing’s recent premiere of The Consolation of Apollo on Sunday, November 23rd at 3 pm, with David Lang’s The Little Match Girl Passion. Conducted by Donald Nally, this was recorded October 12th at the Church of the Holy Trinity, Rittenhouse Square.

Along with Donald’s commentary, the program concludes with the 2011 live recording of The Waking Sun, my setting of the words of Seneca for The Crossing and Tempesta di Mare.

The broadcast also streams at

For a sneak listen to Consolation, click through to the WRTI post here for the brief last movement—the sound in Holy Trinity’s sanctuary is fantastic! (This is also what the Westminster Williamson Voices sang last weekend, under the direction of James Jordan.) Here’s the Boethius text to that final section (all the program notes are here):

The stars shine with more pleasing grace when a storm has ceased to roar and pour down rain. After the morning star has dispersed the shades of night, the day in all its beauty drives its rosy chariot forth. So thou hast looked upon false happiness first; now draw thy neck from under her yoke: so shall true happiness come into thy soul.

The Crossing performs Consolation and The Little Match Girl Passion again, January 3rd in Chestnut Hill and January 4th in Wilmington.

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