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phillycomlogoAmong the milestones selected by David Patrick Stearns in the Philadelphia Inquirer for a year-end appreciation is The Consolation of Apollo, “an ingenious melding” of Boethius and the Apollo 8 astronauts. Along with shout-outs to my colleagues Robert Maggio and James Primosch, he rightly hails The Crossing as the impetus behind these pieces of ours: “Would these works have been written were there not a choir like this to sing them?”

It’s a great honor to be in this company. Thanks to David Patrick Stearns for this mention, and to Donald Nally and the awe-inspiring singers of The Crossing. Upcoming concerts of Consolation, with David Lang’s The Little Match Girl Passion, January 3rd and 4th, Chestnut Hill and Wilmington.

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