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ChestnutHillLocalLogoIn the Chestnut Hill Local, Michael Caruso calls The Consolation of Apollo “lyrical, even at its most dramatic and dissonant, ” saying that it is “theatrical” with “an ethereal quality that give the voices the sound of truly coming to earth from outer space.”

He reviewed The Crossing’s Saturday, January 3rd performance of Apollo and David Lang’s The Little Match Girl Passion, the fourth out of five concerts since October of these works, heaping deserving praise on director Donald Nally and the singers, who were

as close to perfection as imaginable. Despite daunting spans of range and dynamics, the choir’s singing was so thoroughly under control that Nally and his singers were free to concentrate solely on delivering Smith’s musical interpretation of the astronauts’ message to those of us on earth — full of profound appreciation for our planet’s sublime beauty.

Also mentioned are the glorious acoustics of the Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill and rightly so, for it is a grand place to hear The Crossing. Read the entire review here.

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